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Having trouble with your amateur radio equipment? Have a look at TEARA's Amateur Radio Parts and Services page!

Resistors and their uses

FM Voice repeaters

Design your own Yagi Antennas

I've installed DownEast Microwave's catalog for you weak signal or VHF/UHF homebrewers to view online. DEM is an excellant source for VHF/UHF/Microwave kits, transverters, and assemblies. You can also download a zipped version of their catalog from this page, compatable with Microsoft Word 6.0, by clicking HERE

Learn about Radio Spectrum Allocations in the U.S.

Gain a better understanding of Radio Wave Propogation by studying TEARA's Propogation Information page

Visit TEARA's Electronic Homebrewer's Page for component info, sources, and ideas!

Discover your own approximate Lat/Lon

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